Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gutter Maintenance

It's been all summer, are gutters have seen everything from from leaves to water. As fall is around the corner, so is winter. If our gutters don't have a good tough gutter gaurd were bound to be filled up with debris from spring, summer, and fall. Make it a point to get all gutters cleaned and tightened up. Once we have freezing and ice in the winter months our gutters get heavier especially with all the debris left in them, causing for a recipe of distraction. An easy alternative is to buy and have installed one of the best gutter guards available. We like champion and sureflo gutter gaurd products. If you have any further questions on these products call " Roofing By McCallister", will answer all your questions.
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Remove shingles, resheet, new synthetic , 30yr shingles , new 5" gutter

Another thrilled customer.

113 Rolling Acres, Road Gray, TN

We started by having shingles stocked on roof. Tore off existing, put new sheeting needed, dried in, installed new pipe flanges, new chimney flash, concealed ridge vent, drip edge, 30yr Heather Blend (Certainteed). Installed all new 5" gutter and downspouts/ bronze. Ran nail magnet, cleanup of job site.

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Another top-notch job by Roofing by Mccallister.

New 40yr metal roof, 6" gutter and downspouts , snowguards included This roof was in need of our TLC. We cut ridge line for ventilation, installed synthetic underlayment over existing shingles, installed Fern Green Metal from Lyon Metal. Followed by 6" white gutter and downspouts to accommodate all the new extra water flow generated with metal roofs. Also you'll notice the snow bar. (click images to view larger ones)

Roof & Gutter Maintance

Spring time can bring an array of great blossoms and good scents around the home. Especially, with those favorite roses of yours budding around the corner.

Spring, along with summer, also generates high winds, severe storms, and new growth. This allows branches to get caught in your gutters, on your roof, etc. followed by bands of leaves in later months. As leaves get compounded up, they tend to clog gutters and pile up on roof penetrations. In the mist of this piling you can end up with a leak. As it rains, water has nowhere to go. It starts pondering in these penetration areas acting as a pond or puddle. The water has nowhere to go but under shingles or over gutters. Leading to what we know as a "roof leak".

Then your calling the professionals like myself in a scare. This doesn't mean to get your ladder out and attack the situation, it means to call the professionals. Or the family friend that's a contractor, relative, etc. Rule of thumb, if you've got piles of leaves you've probably got tree sap or some other hidden danger. So safety first. Access the situation, make provisions to solve.

Maybe this year's the year to go with a good gutter guard, or trim back those tall leaning trees. In any instance, safety first!! The roof and gutters whether five feet or fifty feet do not discriminate. Even for those with years of experience, and jack of all trades types. I never thought I would fall years after I had been roofing, but it happens. Now, I make sure I feel comfortable with what I'm doing, and think of the safest route for me and my men. You only have one chance, so "measure twice, cut once"!!!!!!!!!!!

Please leave any questions you may have regarding the exterior of your home, let me see if I can't answer or help??????

Avi McCallister
Roofing by McCallister

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Roofing Contractor Reviews

Here's a testimonial from one of our clients who submitted a roofing contractor review.  

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Roof Replacements
written by Kirk - 05/12/2012

"Last year my roof took a beating with all the thunderstorms that rolled through. My roof developed a leak near a dormer because of all the high wind, hard rains, and hail. I contacted Roofing by McCallister to fix my leak. They came out and tried caulking the leaks but did not charge me anything until I could confirm the leak was repaired. After a few weeks, we got some more hard rain and the roof leaked again. McCallister came out again and tore out the section of shingles around the dormer, reflashed the dormer and replaced the shingles. Again they did not charge me anything until the I could confirm the leak was repaired. After a few more hard rains there were no more leaks. I was never charged for the initial repair, only the repair that fixed the leak.

When they were repairing the leak, McCallister noticed that I had hail damage on the roof. This set in motion a whole new chain of events. I contacted my insurance company to submit a claim for the hail damage. My insurance company reviewed the damage and determined that the roof needed to be replaced. Because of McCallister's fairness and willingness to come back and make sure the job was done, I had them replace my roof.

My house sits on a hill with very little level ground around the house. I also have a very steep roof with a 12:12 pitch This has made it difficult to get contractors to come out and work on the house. I've had contractors come out once and I never heard from them again. McCallister always returned my calls and was willing to provide estimates. McCallister provided some different roofing options. I eventually went with metal for durability and energy efficiency reasons. McCallister's crew completed the job and cleaned up the job site when they were done. I am very happy with the new roof. I've not seen any leaks at this time which proves the roof was properly installed. I would recommend Roofing by McCallister to anyone that needs a new roof, a roof replaced, or a roof repaired. They are fair and willing to make things right."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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