Monday, May 4, 2015

Roof & Gutter Maintance

Spring time can bring an array of great blossoms and good scents around the home. Especially, with those favorite roses of yours budding around the corner.

Spring, along with summer, also generates high winds, severe storms, and new growth. This allows branches to get caught in your gutters, on your roof, etc. followed by bands of leaves in later months. As leaves get compounded up, they tend to clog gutters and pile up on roof penetrations. In the mist of this piling you can end up with a leak. As it rains, water has nowhere to go. It starts pondering in these penetration areas acting as a pond or puddle. The water has nowhere to go but under shingles or over gutters. Leading to what we know as a "roof leak".

Then your calling the professionals like myself in a scare. This doesn't mean to get your ladder out and attack the situation, it means to call the professionals. Or the family friend that's a contractor, relative, etc. Rule of thumb, if you've got piles of leaves you've probably got tree sap or some other hidden danger. So safety first. Access the situation, make provisions to solve.

Maybe this year's the year to go with a good gutter guard, or trim back those tall leaning trees. In any instance, safety first!! The roof and gutters whether five feet or fifty feet do not discriminate. Even for those with years of experience, and jack of all trades types. I never thought I would fall years after I had been roofing, but it happens. Now, I make sure I feel comfortable with what I'm doing, and think of the safest route for me and my men. You only have one chance, so "measure twice, cut once"!!!!!!!!!!!

Please leave any questions you may have regarding the exterior of your home, let me see if I can't answer or help??????

Avi McCallister
Roofing by McCallister

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  1. Great post! I need to get some gutter guards and an old rusty gutter replaced.