Thursday, October 3, 2013

Roofing Contractor Reviews

Here's a testimonial from one of our clients who submitted a roofing contractor review.  

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Roof Replacements
written by Kirk - 05/12/2012

"Last year my roof took a beating with all the thunderstorms that rolled through. My roof developed a leak near a dormer because of all the high wind, hard rains, and hail. I contacted Roofing by McCallister to fix my leak. They came out and tried caulking the leaks but did not charge me anything until I could confirm the leak was repaired. After a few weeks, we got some more hard rain and the roof leaked again. McCallister came out again and tore out the section of shingles around the dormer, reflashed the dormer and replaced the shingles. Again they did not charge me anything until the I could confirm the leak was repaired. After a few more hard rains there were no more leaks. I was never charged for the initial repair, only the repair that fixed the leak.

When they were repairing the leak, McCallister noticed that I had hail damage on the roof. This set in motion a whole new chain of events. I contacted my insurance company to submit a claim for the hail damage. My insurance company reviewed the damage and determined that the roof needed to be replaced. Because of McCallister's fairness and willingness to come back and make sure the job was done, I had them replace my roof.

My house sits on a hill with very little level ground around the house. I also have a very steep roof with a 12:12 pitch This has made it difficult to get contractors to come out and work on the house. I've had contractors come out once and I never heard from them again. McCallister always returned my calls and was willing to provide estimates. McCallister provided some different roofing options. I eventually went with metal for durability and energy efficiency reasons. McCallister's crew completed the job and cleaned up the job site when they were done. I am very happy with the new roof. I've not seen any leaks at this time which proves the roof was properly installed. I would recommend Roofing by McCallister to anyone that needs a new roof, a roof replaced, or a roof repaired. They are fair and willing to make things right."

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